In Alabama, able bodied adults can qualify for Medicaid only if they make less than $1,400 PER YEAR

Who can live on $116 per month? That’s absurd.Nor has this ideological opposition to medicaid done anything to reduce poverty.

Over 1 million Alabamians receive health care through Medicaid, despite the program having some of the stiffest eligibility requirements in the country. The program chiefly serves children, pregnant women and individuals in nursing homes. Able-bodied childless adults almost never qualify, and adults with Medicaid-qualifying children can receive Medicaid only if they make 12 percent of the poverty line — $1,400 a year for an individual. Eligibility is somewhat broader for nursing home patients, who can make up to 300 percent of the poverty line. [link]

This Winter Worse than Most by Madelyne Camrud (POEM)

This Winter Worse than Most
by Madelyne Camrud
At night I awaken and listen
to the house creak, its boards sharpening
in the cold. Days we stay inside,
looking out the window,
and wonder at a world so deep
into temperature. A nuthatch
tweaks thistle seed from a feeder
suction-cupped to the pane.
In moments like this spent close to glass,
how understandable my life is,
inside the heavy ribs of my navy sweater.
I watch the small bird rise
and light on a high branch.