Diljit Dosanjh – El Sueno (Historical gangster Bhangra set in California a century ago)

Here are the reasons this music video amuses the heck out of me:
1. It is historical fiction about the relationship between Sikhs, Mexicans and Gringos 100 years ago in California
2. It’s basically a mini gangster action movie, with great costumes and sets
3. The protagonist basically overcomes all obstacles by looking and acting hard. That’s it. He’s a tough mofo.
4. He basically writes himself into a few movie scenes including one lifted from the Godfather and another from Far and Away. I kinda wish he had done more.
5. The song is decent Punjabi-Mexican fusion tune, and the love story is cute.
But really it’s about a music star who woke up and decided to engage in crazy stylish historical fiction wish fulfillment.

Dating by numbers fails; chemistry is hard to predict

The machine could figure out who the most desirable people in the bunch were based on certain characteristics like physical attractiveness, Joel says. But when it came to predicting which people would be a good fit for each other, the machine failed spectacularly.

“It predicted 0 percent [of the matches.] Some of the models we ran got a negative percentage, which means you’re better off just guessing,” Joel says. “I was really surprised. I thought we would be able to predict at least some portion of the variance — like extroverts or liberals like each other.”

The result is a little unnerving to scientists, too.  [npr]

Lupita, born in Wakanda (instead of Mexico City)

Or just maybe Nyong’o actually grew up in Wakanda before she went to high school with Eddie Murphy in Zamunda, attended undergrad at Hillman College and moved to Metropolis, where Lois Lane helped her get a job at the Daily Planet, obviously through affirmative action, because Clark Kent was never fired, even though he was always taking off work whenever anything dangerous happened. (You know how those white boys get away with everything. Especially the ones from Krypton.) [link]