Same study, different interpretations 

In the shifting religious landscape, Catholicism has lost the most members: Ten percent of Americans are former Catholics, and those who have left the church outnumber those who have joined by 4 to 1, the survey finds. (Immigration has enabled the church to maintain its 24 percent share of the US population.)
When asked to explain in their own words the main reason for leaving the Catholic Church, about half cite a disagreement with the church's religious or moral beliefs. For those now unaffiliated, about half were unhappy about birth control, 56 percent about teachings on abortion and homosexuality, and 40 percent about the treatment of women.

PEW STUDY FINDS HIGH RETENTION RATE AMONG CATHOLICS, POINTS OUT CONCERN FOR DISAFFECTED YOUTH WASHINGTON—A Pew Forum poll on Americans and their religious affiliation finds Catholics have one of the highest retention rates, 68 percent, among Christian churches when it comes to carrying the Catholic faith into adulthood. It also found that a determining factor in whether or not one remains Catholic as an adult is whether or not the individual attended Mass as a child and teenager.

Upon this rock

Yet another iPhone shot from this weekend. It was dreary on Sunday, damp, rainy and grey.


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One way to keep ice from forming in your mustache / beard when it’s sub-zero outside


Beard Head will protect your head from the cold and keep your upper lip and chin toasty warm, much like a real beard would!

Pirate Edition Beard Head

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