Diljit Dosanjh – El Sueno (Historical gangster Bhangra set in California a century ago)

Here are the reasons this music video amuses the heck out of me:
1. It is historical fiction about the relationship between Sikhs, Mexicans and Gringos 100 years ago in California
2. It’s basically a mini gangster action movie, with great costumes and sets
3. The protagonist basically overcomes all obstacles by looking and acting hard. That’s it. He’s a tough mofo.
4. He basically writes himself into a few movie scenes including one lifted from the Godfather and another from Far and Away. I kinda wish he had done more.
5. The song is decent Punjabi-Mexican fusion tune, and the love story is cute.
But really it’s about a music star who woke up and decided to engage in crazy stylish historical fiction wish fulfillment.