The political power of black women

The most reliable voters in the U.S. right now, who are getting to the polls at a higher rate than any other, aren’t white men (angry or not) or soccer moms (translation: suburban white women). An astounding 82 percent of African American women over age 18 cast ballots in 2012 (compared to 67 percent of white women)…

Indeed, black women’s electoral enthusiasm, combined with their preference for Democrats— Barack Obama got 96 percent of their vote in 2012—is the driver behind the much-hashed-over gender gap favoring the blue party. Without women of color (Latinas also went disproportionately Dem, but not as many voted), there is no gender gap: In 2012, Republican Mitt Romney got 56 percent of white women’s vote, similar to what John McCain and George W. Bush reaped previously. [link]



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  2. How do you know that they are “reliable?”

    Did you even bother to look at midterm turnout by demographics? I don’t think it is a coincidence that the black vote was high for the reelection of our first black candidate but you shouldn’t look at one or two data points and make such a broad claim.

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