Anti Obama protestors at the gates; grisly fetus images


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Four shots from around campus w/ iPhone camera from a walk yesterday evening: it’s really gorgeous in the spring time

I need to get better at composition though, because this camera is very limited, even in terms of getting enough light in the shot. You tilt the camera slightly and you either go dark or bright, it's weird. Unlike most digital cameras, this doesn't cover up my deficiencies.


Randall Terry arrested for tresspass on ND campus as he pushed a stroller with a doll covered in blood


The copy with the story reads:

Anti-abortion activist Randall Terry was arrested Friday on a trespassing charge at the University of Notre Dame, just hours after the school had issued him a no-trespassing order.

The Operation Rescue founder has been in South Bend protesting Notre Dame's decision to invite President Barack Obama to speak at the school's May 17 commencement. Friday's protesters pushed carriages containing dolls covered in fake blood.