Instead of everybody is beautiful, maybe say beauty doesn’t matter / has no moral worth

Let’s just hold up for one second– what if I told you, and meant in sincerity, that beauty is worthless?
No apology, no justification that everyone is beautiful in their way and everyone just needs to show their inner beauty to the world like blah blah blah. Just a simple premise from which to operate for the sake of argument: beauty is worthless. Say it’s like whistling, maybe. Nice, but also who cares.
If you spent even one day operating under this principle, what would change? What about yourself would you value and be valued by others? When you looked at those other women, assuming beauty = null, what would you value about them?
There are valuable things about you that have absolutely nothing to do with how you look, and with every single one of them as well. Honesty, decency, tenacity. Maybe a gift for poetry. Maybe the ability to identify what mushrooms are poisonous. Who knows! But if we focus all our energies on what every woman looks like, we may never get the chance to appreciate their limericks or benefit from knowing which mushroom is a death cap. (aaaa, it’s that one!!!)
As I’m sure you’re aware through your readings here and elsewhere, through forced femininity, women are conditioned to believe that they must be beautiful or else they have no value; that the value of other women must be a function of their attractiveness; that love is only for attractive people. That’s why there is so much emphasis, even among progressive circles, in emphasizing that “every girl is beautiful”– when it’s used as a synonym for “having value,” it gets pushed as mandatory.
None of these things are true. You can literally be the ugliest person alive and still be a whole and good and valuable person. Even if you had a tooth growing out of your forehead you would still be a whole and worthwhile person. [link]


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