Uncle tries out his Blue Steel (or not)


On a recent Wednesday afternoon, yellow-cab driver Ajit Singh Bharth had just dropped off a passenger in Midtown Manhattan when he attracted some unusual notice.

“I knew that I had to catch that cab,” said Quinton Clemm, an account executive at upscale men’s fashion-label Eidos. “Luckily, two blocks later, the taxi caught the light at 55th and I was able to dodge traffic and hop in the back.”

Mr. Clemm was in hot pursuit of more than just a ride. He was struck by the “older gentleman” with “gold-rimmed, aviator-style bifocals, a tan spread-collar shirt, with an awesome, full, white beard.” Once in the car, he offered the 62-year-old cabby an opportunity most people only dream about: Would he be willing to model in a fashion show?

Mr. Bharth was surprised. “But I said ‘OK, it will be a new experience in my life.’ ” The next morning, he made his runway debut at Men’s Fashion Week in New York…  Mr. Bharth, the cabby, tried to avoid direct eye contact with fashion editor guests for more than an hour. “I enjoyed it,” said the driver, who went right back on duty after the show. [link]





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