Yale students rename Calhoun College

The college will provisionally be known as “Formerly Known As Calhoun College” or “FKACC” to these students, or whichever among them is around in the fall, and whoever joins them.

I love this idea, but I don’t think it goes far enough. I know they’re waiting for a consensus to emerge, but my worry is that if they take too long the effort may falter. I’m hoping they agree quickly and offer a new name, one which doesn’t keep the “Calhoun College” in it. FKACC is a clever riff on “The artist formerly known as” but whereas Prince wanted to keep saying “formerly known as Prince” I don’t want to here Calhoun’s name ever again.

My suggestion is John Brown’s college, but I’m hoping the students find a name they like, and manage to get it to spread, soon. I want a new name before I go to my next reunion.


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