Brown girls fight back

And of course, social norms of attractiveness have other implications for grades and lifetime earnings. So when these are racial, their effects are even more pernicious.

Brown people will not look like you. They should not be expected to look like you. And the fact that this has to be said is beyond me. If you even want a seat at the table of our culture — if you want to even begin to argue you deserve to participate in anything we do — you better accept quick that we will not fit your standard of beauty. We do not need to, we have our own. There are too many people out there who are willing to steal the bindi off my head so they can wear it, all while throwing a razor in my face to shave. What needs to change is simple: people outside our diaspora need to realize that positive convergence only occurs through honest conversation. The honest conversation here is that we were never meant to fit the western mold. I’m very proud to say we don’t need to fit that mold. And there are millions of brown girls out there who are fighting to break it — and we won’t lose. [link]


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