Object permanence

This is the from the best article I have seen on the absurdity of women’s poses in comic books. Basically, female superheroes not only have absurdly unrealistic bodies, but they are constantly contorting themselves into poses that are impossible to attain and which are designed to make sure they are presenting both breasts and behind to the reader AT THE SAME TIME. The article has some great photos of women trying this, and being photoshopped appropriately. But my favorite part is actually the paragraph below which explains what is going on:

Kristin (Psylocke): Unless you completely lack object permanence, you can deal with not seeing both boobs and butt at the same time. Like, give readers some credit: When a character turns around, it’s not like we all go “BUT WHERE DID THE BOOBS GO? ARE THE BOOBS GONE FOREVER? I NEED ASSURANCES THAT THERE ARE STILL BOOBS HERE.” In fact, the only people who actually think this way are real-life babies, and they can’t read comics, anyway! [link]


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