#noallrunningbacks #NFLDreamsMeet911

My old friend, Amardeep Singh, writes:

Not an April Fool’s Day joke. When I arrive at Port Authority in the morning and try to make my way through the mad rush, of people I’ll often speed up and make one quick cut to the right or left as someone who is looking down at their phone is about to crash into me. It’s my little way of being an NFL running back in my head. But then I think, “What if I run over someone like Marshawn Lynch, and what if that person then says, ‘You stupid towlhead, go back to your country, and watch where you are going!’ and then punches me sending me to the hospital?” I then think, “Would that be a hate crime? Am I getting hit because I’m a ‘towelhead’ or because I ran into someone?” Then I think, “well depends on the state and prosecutor, state statutes are largely silent on mixed motive hate crimes. It’s the wild west on that issue.” Then I think, “If a prosecutor considered it a hate crime, I would not want someone to go to jail, the U.S. criminal justice system is morally bankrupt, imposing punishment instead of rehabilitation, disproportionately locking away young black and brown men.” And then I think, “stop pretending you’re an NFL running back.” ‪#‎NFLDreamsMeet911‬ [link]


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