I really hope the Klan played baseball in their robe and hoods …

On June 21, 1925, Wichita’s Island Park ball field hosted a baseball game so strange that people are still talking about it 90 years later. It was an unlikely match-up, to say the least: the entirely African American Wichita Monrovians baseball team versus the local Ku Klux Klan. And to add to the bizarreness, the teams hired Catholic umpires—just to make sure there was no favoritism involved. [link]

Some context:

In the 1920s, membership in the KKK reached several million people — almost exclusively white, native-born, Protestant women and men, Blee says. And in communities where the KKK really took root, “this meant that a very sizable part of the eligible population was in the Klan.” The KKK was even successful at “block recruiting” of whole clubs or congregations at one time.

“The Klan’s ability to be seen as just another club reflected the strong racial and religious segregation of the day,” … “It was not just the KKK that was a whites-only social space; this was true of most of the social spaces that whites occupied in the communities in which the Klan was strong in the 1920s.” [link]


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