Edumacation against racism?

I’m skeptical of the magnitude of the effects as well as the external validity of the study but here’s the argument in favor of education as a tool for decreasing anti-Sikh bigotry:


After reading about Sikh history and beliefs as well as the series of messages, warm feelings toward Sikh Americans increase substantially. By the end of the survey, a large portion of Americans moved from feeling neutral (mean = 54.1 on a zero-to-100 scale) to warm (mean = 71.6, an increase of 17.5 points). One of the most encouraging findings is that some of the
most initially challenging audiences also are among those who exhibit the largest increases. Seniors (+21.9), Republicans (+21.7), Hispanics (+21.4), and Americans who initially know nothing about Sikhs (+19.7) exhibit particularly strong increases. [link]


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