Manan Ahmed’s adventures in Passportistan

When my number was called for my picture to be taken, I was asked to sign a paper that guaranteed I believed in the finality of the Prophet. I clutched the paper, and sat down with it. The man looked at me quizzically. To be a passport holder, to claim that one most Pakistani thing that I claimed, I had to deny it to the other Pakistanis. If I did not sign, I was a man without a passport. What civil resistance is possible? I imagined scratching away the clause and signing against it. I imagined it, but I did not do it, because I needed my passport to leave the country and to be admitted to another country. So I signed the condition of the finality of the Prophethood.

When I came out, he was there, and I walked up to him in some hurry. Can we get the passport if we do not sign the anti-Ahmadi statement? I asked him? How big is the bribe? He looked at me quizzically, and walked away. [link]


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