Separate under one roof

What I’ll never understand is why somebody would not only continue in such a relationship but bring children into it. Do they honestly believe that a situation like this can be salvaged? Do they think that somebody like this is capable of compassionate parenting? Do they not understand the importance of friendship?

From Modern Love:

Settled for almost a decade into a not-quite-happy-enough relationship, I bemoaned the loss of allure that had wilted over time. “Come sit with me,” I’d coax from my perch on the sofa, but he’d smile and say he preferred his recliner on the other side of the room.

My marriage hadn’t yet reached the point where my husband washed his dishes by holding them suspended above mine, scrubbing only those he used, ignoring mine, ignoring me. I wasn’t yet shushing my toddler and newborn all morning, brainstorming quiet pastimes so their father could sleep late as he was accustomed, undisturbed by our presence. [link]


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