Whites prefer African-Americans to Blacks but don’t like either that much

Ethnic labels for people of color, such as African American and black, determines just how whites perceive them, says a new study, “A rose by any Other Name?: The Consequences of Subtyping ‘African-Americans’ from ‘Blacks,’” released in the January 2015 issue of the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

About 110 whites were randomly assigned to view, and complete, a profile of a male Chicago resident who was identified as either black or African American,…The group decided that the black person’s income and education level were lower than that of the African American’s, the report notes, and were far more likely to think of African Americans as being in managerial positions at work.

In yet another experiment, 90 whites “expressed more negative emotions” toward a 29-year-old crime suspect when he was identified as black rather than African American. The results suggest, “the label black elicits more negative emotions than the label African-American,” the researchers write, “but African American does not elicit positive emotion.” [link]


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