The Central Limit Theorem doesn’t apply to Kenya, apparently

The Kenyan government rejects the result of a study by Gibson, Ferree and Long that found that no presidential candidate reached 50 percent in the March 2013 election [link]. Here is the GoK’s reply, which rejects the validity of all exit polling:

Director of external communication Munyori Buku told the Star that State House considers the poll false and it had motives other than informing.

“They should know that Kenya will not fit into the West’s template of Africa. That poll was aimed at fitting Kenya into this template aimed at showing elections were not fair,” he said. Buku said it is “shameless” for the pollsters to say that they used a sample of 6,258 people yet more that 12 million Kenyans participated in the election.

“Even if your sample is accurately distributed, there is no way you can have an accurate result from that. If they have been observing Kenya over the last one year, they would have had second thoughts before publishing the false poll,” he said. [link]


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